Monday, June 23, 2008


The Adventures of Superstud and Evilguy

Episode #12: Power in a coke bottle

When we last left our hero, he was stranded up on the tallest skyscraper in Bigtroplis grasping an empty coke bottle like it was his last hope for victory. He stared at his nemesis, Evilguy with a glare that wouldn’t quite kill, but make you seriously uncomfortable.

“I have you in my grasp now, Evil. You will not get away this time.” He smiled and prepared to smash the bottle to the ground. “I know now that the source of all the evil you are is within the confines of this here bottle. I will now free it from its prison thus ending your reign of terror.” The bottle smashed to the concrete with a shatter, spilling glass everywhere. Superstud threw his head back and began to laugh….”that was far too easy.”

“You are right it was and stupid.” Evilguy decked our hero and sent him flying to the ground. “Did you really believe I’m that dumb? To put all the source of my badness into something as breakable as a bottle. Please.” He placed his foot on Stud’s throat.
“You always carry around that bottle.”

“Correction…I carry around a bottle. I enjoy a refreshing drink after my evil doings. It gives me energy to go about my evil chores. You wouldn’t believe how tiring robbing a bank or blowing up innocent people can be. I feel refreshed.”

“Oh, my mistake…”

“Besides, my powers are much to exceptional for a simple bottle. No, the real source of my power is the bottle cap.” Evilguy rammed his foot harder on to Superstud’s neck and cackled.
Will this be the last of our studly hero or will his brawn take up where his brain left off? Find out in the next adventure of…

The Adventures of Superguy and Evilstud…or is that the other way around…damn I need a new agent…this narrating business is for the birds…I bet Regis didn’t have to do this crap…an empty coke bottle…please…who writes this stuff…seen better on a cereal box…I really need a stiff drink…. CUT