Monday, December 29, 2008

New Series I Wanna Watch Out For

Castle: Starring Nathan Fillion (Mal Reynolds from Firefly), this series looks to be quite awesome. A new age 'Murder She Wrote', Frank Castle is a murder mystery best seller who becomes involved with the police after someone start copying the murders in his books...even if I didn't think Nathan was hot, I'd jump on board for this series Airs March 9th at 10pm e/9pm c on ABC

Lie to Me: This series just looks like a very interesting one. What if you could tell just by someone's body language that they were lying? So is the job of deception artist Dr. Cal Lightman played by Tim Roth. His character is based on real life lie detector, Dr. Paul Ekman. Airs January 21 at 9pm e/8pm c on Fox

Dollhouse: From the creative mind of Joss Whedon (Firefly, Angel, Buffy) comes the new drama that has a facility turning girls into whatever clients would like them to be. Wiping their personalties, these women are then put back into action as, yet, another totally different person. This is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Airs Feb 13 at 9pm e/8pm c on Fox

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Friday, December 19, 2008

When you hear the name Fiona McIntosh, you know you are in for one awesome ride and in Royal Exile (Book One in the Valisar Trilogy, she didn't disappoint. From the first line of the prologue to the promise of another book at the end, this new trilogy opens with a great battle that inspires hatred and sympathy. Like all good stories, we are weaved into the fabric of the lives of a lost king in search of his kingdom, his love interest, and a cast of other characters that you not only love to have, but also hate to love.
I am not a big epic fantasy reader, though I have read many of the big names in the genre including Jordan and Goodkind. The reason I recommend this book is that it has all the elements of an epic, without the enormous page length that a lot of those books tend to be. For me, with kids and life getting in the way, I love a good rich story that can be read and enjoyed within a few days. This is one of those wonderful books.
I would definitely recommend this book to epic fans and fantasy readers alike. It had good adventure, great action, and a twisting plot that left you salivating for the next. Royal Exile is a book great for a long winter's night spent indoors by a fire. So, step into the land of where a lost king sets out to find his kingdom and begins an adventure that will change his life and the world around him forever.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miracles Still happen

Well, a small tornado hit our apartment complex and we didn't even get a warning. I thank God that it wasn't bigger. Scary as it was, my kids and hubby was upstairs and if it had been a big one, well, you don't need to be told as to what could have happened. Thankfully, we are all fine. We had some damage, a fence broken and a few holes in a couple buildings, but no one was hurt. For anyone not familiar with a tornado, it sounds like the washer on a spin cycle and you are in the middle of it.

On a sadder note, Monday was also the day my ball python, Angel died. He was twelve and I had had him for over eleven years. He will be missed.