Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Growing Older, But Not Growin' Up

I am officially 31 on the 10th of October and I got to thinking. Growing older does not mean you have to grow up. I hate the phrase 'Act your age'...ok, so how does a 31 year old act and who determines how that age acts?! I am still a kid at heart. I love cartoons, I love playing games, and watching movies. I read and love kid's book and YA, so here is my question for you......are you just growing older or are you actually growing up as well?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why We Don't Understand Men

I have now got an idea why women do not understand men. It is only a theory, but of all the others I have heard, it is the best yet.

We just plain don't have the time. As single women, we are constantly running, reading, fixing ourselves up for the male race, or just trying to get from one date to another alive. As married women, we are trying to keep our man satisfied with the housework, the work work, and of course, having somewhat of a sex life. Just as we begin to get an idea as to how they operate, boom...baby makes three or four and then there is no time at all. So, is it our fault that we do not understand them...I say no, because it is because of them that keeps us from ever finding out.

And really, girls, who doesn't like a good mystery ever now and again?!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And This is Why I Watch Firefly

Capt Malcolm Reynolds(Nathan Fillion)

Besides it being one helluva show. Though stupid Fox had to cancell it. Though there is a movie, Serenity.

Kind of the reasons why I also watch......

Harry Dresden(Paul Blackthorne)

The Dresden Files.....another cancel by Sc Fi Network, but I still read the books by Jim Butcher

Sephen Hart(James Murray)
Primeval on BBC America....another great show with lots of creatures.....

and let us definitely not forget.....

Dean Winchester (JensenAckles)

Supernatural on the WC....Ghosts and demons and two hot men....need I say more....

and last, but surely not least...we have....

Nick Stokes(George Eads)

CSI on CBS.....science and some hot male scientists in lab coats and sometimes not so much lab coat.....

TV.....my little black box full of hot men and hot shows....catch the ones still on, rent the ones that aren't....