Monday, September 15, 2008

Why We Don't Understand Men

I have now got an idea why women do not understand men. It is only a theory, but of all the others I have heard, it is the best yet.

We just plain don't have the time. As single women, we are constantly running, reading, fixing ourselves up for the male race, or just trying to get from one date to another alive. As married women, we are trying to keep our man satisfied with the housework, the work work, and of course, having somewhat of a sex life. Just as we begin to get an idea as to how they operate, makes three or four and then there is no time at all. So, is it our fault that we do not understand them...I say no, because it is because of them that keeps us from ever finding out.

And really, girls, who doesn't like a good mystery ever now and again?!


Agent K said...

I do not understand me...not at all!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Agent K said...

Oops! Not 'me' but MEN!! LOL!


I say yes, it is our fault. We won't grasp why men don't get it: They Can't!!! They do not think... much beyond the size of their penis; the size of their bank account; or the size of their stomach. It is Always one of the three. Always !


Often we ask two Questions @ once which are conflicting. Then when I do get an answer most times
I mistake it for the wrong question. Does that make sense?
It's early.......