Friday, November 28, 2008

With Christmas coming closer and closer, I figured I would do a few holiday book reviews to get people into the season. I love reading holiday books doing the month of December and one of my favs to read with my kids is the Legend of Holly Claus. It is a very cute story from the heart of a little boy who asks Santa what he wants for Christmas.

Born to the Clauses is their little girl, Holly, who becomes cursed with a heart surrounded by ice and forced to live her life very alone. With her friends a beautiful white wolf, a snowy owl, an Arctic fox and a cute little penguin, she begins a journey of love and excitement meant to warm the heart and ignite the soul.

My seven year old loves this book. It is well written with adorable and memorable characters that filled page after page with an enchanting princess story. Animal lovers will enjoy her companions as they travel along side, helping her and protecting her as the evil wizard tries hard to own her heart.

I recommend this to those who love Christmas and those with children who love to be read to. it is a nice size book with some beautiful pictures and easy to read dialogue. It is a welcome add to any one's collection.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Wishing you and yours a warm and food filled holiday!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cast of Characters Review

If you have ever read anything by Max Lucado, you will already know the man can write. He puts those hard to understand Biblical Principles into easy bite able pieces. One of my favorites by him is No Wonder They Call Him Savior, which gives a whole new look into our Savior, Jesus Christ. In Cast of Characters, he shows just how Human the heroes of the Bible really were.

Those familiar with his books will recognize stories like Peter, who even after denying Christ was told at the tomb he had been forgiven or Thomas, the man who doubted, but was one of the greatest men of God to have lived.

There are also new stories such as Moses, a fugitive on the run for killing a man, but was good enough to lead God's people from captivity or Matthew, a tax collector (imagine being friends with an IRS man) who became one of Jesus' posse. Ordinary men, who God found extraordinary...

Ever since I read my first book by Max, I fell in love with his storyteller style and fun sense of humor. He relates to the family with stories of his two daughters and wonderful wife and to the every day human with stories of hope in a world that tends to give up on it. Whether Cast f Characters is your first or just another one to add to your list, it will definitely not be your last. Pick it up and begin an adventure into the real life stories of God's chosen few.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wall-E on Blu Ray

Well, we just purchased Disney's Wall-E on Blu Ray and have already watched it. LOL! My two year old is a BIG fan. The basic storyline is about a little robot named Wall-E, who is the only thing left on planet Earth, besides his faithful pet. The little robot reminds me of Short Circuit and ET with his best friend being a little roach who loves Twinkies. LOL!! His primary function is to clean up the Earth, but has become slightly human collecting things that he sees as special. Among them is an old VHS tape pf Hello Dolly, this being where he finds out what love is.

One fateful day a spaceship lands bringing with it a probe, which turns out to be the little robot's love interest, Eve. Thus, begins a romance and feel good story that will span the generations.

For those who have not yet seen Wall-E, it is a cute movie that not only teaches us a thing about love, but also about our desire to keep Earth clean. Yes, it has that environmental message, but it is one we all need to hear. My biggest thing about the movie is both little ones and big ones can enjoy Wall-E and his friends antics.

If you purchase the three disc blu ray, you will get the Digital copy for your computer. I like that feature because then when my hubby is playing or watching something on TV, the kids can still watch Wall-E. I also have Nightmare Before Christmas. Also on the DVD, is another short (the one with the magician and his rabbit is on there too and if you have not yet seen it, it is sooo cute) about a little robot named Burn-E. He would be the one that is stuck outside when Eve and Wall-E come in from their dance out in space.

If you have kids, love Disney, and just need a great movie to go with your popcorn, rent, buy, or even borrow this too cute little robot's story. You will not regret it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gears of War Aspho Fields Review

Marcus Fenix...Dominc Santiago....if these names are unfamiliar to you, then you probably have not played Gears of War on the Xbox 360. If that be the case, this book will introduce you to some memorable characters as well as a world plagued by war against humans as well as the creatures they call the Horde.

I was introduced to this game from Epic by my gamer hubby and have fell in love with the characters as well as the story. Liken a lot to Halo, Gears brings out a story line that is rich without taking away and this book just adds to the drama. Marcus is a loner who has been ignored by his very rich parents and is befriended by the brothers Santiago, Dom and Carlos. Knowing that his father will be disappointed, Marcus enlists in the COGs, Coalition of Ordered Governments, recognized by the COG tags on their necks.

This book takes place during the war against the Horde, but flashed back to the Pendulum Wars in which the battle for Aspho Fields takes place. Marcus has kept a secret from Dom that effects what happen to his brother and as things get heated in battle, the truth begins to emerge. Can their friendship survive?

I am always apprehensive with books like this. Though the game is awesome, I have learned that the movies and books lack the luster. This is not the case here. This books stays true to the story as well as the thrill of playing the game. I could hear the sounds of Lancer fire and the sound of the King Ravens overhead. So in short, if you are a fan of the game or just getting started, this book is a great read even for those who have never heard of Gears.

Friday, November 7, 2008 they reptiles with wings or intelligent creatures of myth and legend, good books about them are gems that should be treasured. Eragon is one of those masterfully written wonders.
Open up to a fight over an egg, dark blue and gorgeous sent by magic to be found by a peasant boy looking to feed his family. Mix in the stories of an old man, of dragons that lit up the sky with their glorious fire and keep evil at bay. Add the most beloved Saphira, sapphire dragon who becomes bounded to a young Eragon and thrown into an adventure that only dreams can contain....
Paolini has given us a masterpiece when it comes to a classic novel, spinning a tale that even Tolkein and Lewis would be proud of. Do not base this book on what you have seen in the movie. It is not a book for younger kids. Violent and sometimes a bit disturbing, either read it first or make sure your child is okay with images like that. If you have read Harry, then this is about as dark and scary.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Relic Review

Take one part Jurassic Park, then add a bit of the scientific fun of the Fly, and finally, throw in a killer cast of odd characters that will have you longing for just another slice of "edge of your step while holding on to the book for dear life" pie. Enter Relic, the novel who introduces us to a cast of characters that have carried us through several more novels and I hope will continue as the years go by. Many may recognize this title from a movie that came out a little after the book was written, but besides a few bits in the story line, that is all they have in common. Set in the beautiful New York Museum of History (the movie was set in Chicago), the novel begins with the opening of the Gala event where Margo Green, a graduate student and her professor, Dr. Frock are preparing samples and idols for the museum's superstitions gallery. All is suddenly put on hold when a dead body is found mutilated with no head and the police come in to figure out who done it. Among these officers is Lt. D'Agosta, a seasoned cop with a love for finding his man. The one character the movie left out that is sooo important to the books is FBI agent, Pendergast. He is as secretive and mysterious as the nature of the murders that begin happening around the museum. And yes, there is a creature. For those who love horror and just a really good keep you up all night novel, this one is for you. Watch out though, because it will get you hooked into a world that these two creative geniuses have spun. So open the door to the Museum...good luck getting back...

The Passing of A Great Writer

Michael Crichton passed away on Tuesday due to a battle with cancer. It is a sad day for anyone who enjoyed books such as Next and Prey, or movies from his books like Jurassic Park and Sphere. He also created the popular TV series ER. His writing and creativity will be sorely missed. Our prayers and thoughts are with the ones closest to him.....Michael Crichton lived from 1942-2008. He was a notable author, producer, director, and medical doctor.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monster of Florence Review

I am not a true crime reader, but I love Douglas Preston so when I saw this on the shelf, I knew I just had to read it. Thus began an adventure that would rival that of Jack the Ripper. Liken to Jack, the Monster of Florence is the Italian legend who, instead of slaying prostitutes, would prey on young couples. With gun in hand, he would kill the man and woman before cutting into the woman's body. The description here is taken out because of the graphic nature of what the Monster did. It is something I would rather not explore in word. You must read the book to find out.

Preston handles this story as he does so much of his writing. He is very descriptive and thorough. He paints a picture of every scene and takes you there whether you want to or not. During his investigation, he also caught the attention of the local authorities of where he is still under the scope. Strangely, all of this started because he lives very close to the grove where one of the several double murders happened.

Again, I am not a true crime fan. I do read many of the books about Jack the ripper so I knew what to expect here. Monster of Florence is a great book for those who love gruesome history and a well written criminal investigation. I will not tell you whether they solved the Italian legend, but I will say it is definitely a page turning marvel.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The New KITT

Okay, I have been watching the New Knight Rider, since I was a BIG fan when the original was out. I loved the chemistry between Michael Knight and KITT and of course, I was only about five at the time, I just loved the whole talking car thing. What little kid wouldn't, so when the new one came out, I was ready for it.

First big difference is KITT is a mustang, which is not a real big deal. The Trans Am is not really made any more and he has to be a state of the art vehicle so allowances are made. Second, Val Kilmer is doing the voice. Now, I like Val, but to me, his voice lacks the emotion that William Daniels had, or to those who loved Boy Meets World, Mr. Finney. It was a killer blow for me picturing this tough car with the voice of a middle aged pincipal either. LOL!!

I will say on the plus side, the new Michael Knight played by JustinBruening is hot. Of course, back in the day, David Hasselhoff was the lady killer. Now, you watch and he's kind of a big permed baboon. I will say that he and Daniels though had the chemistry that Justin and Val lack.

I do like the new series. It has some very strong points and still has the appeal the old one did, I just miss the KITT of yore. He had that wit and charm the mustang lacks and the personality that brought us back for more. For anyone interested, Knight Rider is on NBC on Weds at 8pm est/7pm cst. The original can be purchased on DVD in seasons or dowloaded instantly on Netflix.
Knight Rider website on episodes now!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

For Young Men Only Review

I won this from a great blogger, which I will post at the bottom of this article, please please go visit her today. She is quite awesome. Anyway, on with this you have an up and coming teenage boy in your life, who has no idea what women his age want and even his father is at a blank and you are in desperate need of guidance?! There is help and the answer lies in this book.

When I began to read FYMO, I could only nod my head at the wonderful insight these writers had. From everything to what a girl sees in a guy to the dreaded whether a girl wants to 'do it' is in this book and handled beautifully. Now, for even you older men, it can be an eye opener as well. My husband read it, mostly because I asked him, and even he couldn't believe some of the things he read. Even casting an eye to me and saying 'Is that Really how you all think?" and then"Wish this was out when I was younger."

I have a young boy who is all of two, but believe me, this will be waiting for him when he gets older. It will be a mandatory read before he begins dating and a reference when there are things he needs help understanding. If you are a young man and are in the dating scene or a mom with a son heading there, you NEED to read this book. And for all you others out there, the series has For Women Only, For Young women Only, and For Men Only. I am buying all of them to add to my shelf.

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