Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cast of Characters Review

If you have ever read anything by Max Lucado, you will already know the man can write. He puts those hard to understand Biblical Principles into easy bite able pieces. One of my favorites by him is No Wonder They Call Him Savior, which gives a whole new look into our Savior, Jesus Christ. In Cast of Characters, he shows just how Human the heroes of the Bible really were.

Those familiar with his books will recognize stories like Peter, who even after denying Christ was told at the tomb he had been forgiven or Thomas, the man who doubted, but was one of the greatest men of God to have lived.

There are also new stories such as Moses, a fugitive on the run for killing a man, but was good enough to lead God's people from captivity or Matthew, a tax collector (imagine being friends with an IRS man) who became one of Jesus' posse. Ordinary men, who God found extraordinary...

Ever since I read my first book by Max, I fell in love with his storyteller style and fun sense of humor. He relates to the family with stories of his two daughters and wonderful wife and to the every day human with stories of hope in a world that tends to give up on it. Whether Cast f Characters is your first or just another one to add to your list, it will definitely not be your last. Pick it up and begin an adventure into the real life stories of God's chosen few.

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