Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wall-E on Blu Ray

Well, we just purchased Disney's Wall-E on Blu Ray and have already watched it. LOL! My two year old is a BIG fan. The basic storyline is about a little robot named Wall-E, who is the only thing left on planet Earth, besides his faithful pet. The little robot reminds me of Short Circuit and ET with his best friend being a little roach who loves Twinkies. LOL!! His primary function is to clean up the Earth, but has become slightly human collecting things that he sees as special. Among them is an old VHS tape pf Hello Dolly, this being where he finds out what love is.

One fateful day a spaceship lands bringing with it a probe, which turns out to be the little robot's love interest, Eve. Thus, begins a romance and feel good story that will span the generations.

For those who have not yet seen Wall-E, it is a cute movie that not only teaches us a thing about love, but also about our desire to keep Earth clean. Yes, it has that environmental message, but it is one we all need to hear. My biggest thing about the movie is both little ones and big ones can enjoy Wall-E and his friends antics.

If you purchase the three disc blu ray, you will get the Digital copy for your computer. I like that feature because then when my hubby is playing or watching something on TV, the kids can still watch Wall-E. I also have Nightmare Before Christmas. Also on the DVD, is another short (the one with the magician and his rabbit is on there too and if you have not yet seen it, it is sooo cute) about a little robot named Burn-E. He would be the one that is stuck outside when Eve and Wall-E come in from their dance out in space.

If you have kids, love Disney, and just need a great movie to go with your popcorn, rent, buy, or even borrow this too cute little robot's story. You will not regret it.

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