Friday, November 28, 2008

With Christmas coming closer and closer, I figured I would do a few holiday book reviews to get people into the season. I love reading holiday books doing the month of December and one of my favs to read with my kids is the Legend of Holly Claus. It is a very cute story from the heart of a little boy who asks Santa what he wants for Christmas.

Born to the Clauses is their little girl, Holly, who becomes cursed with a heart surrounded by ice and forced to live her life very alone. With her friends a beautiful white wolf, a snowy owl, an Arctic fox and a cute little penguin, she begins a journey of love and excitement meant to warm the heart and ignite the soul.

My seven year old loves this book. It is well written with adorable and memorable characters that filled page after page with an enchanting princess story. Animal lovers will enjoy her companions as they travel along side, helping her and protecting her as the evil wizard tries hard to own her heart.

I recommend this to those who love Christmas and those with children who love to be read to. it is a nice size book with some beautiful pictures and easy to read dialogue. It is a welcome add to any one's collection.

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