Saturday, November 1, 2008

For Young Men Only Review

I won this from a great blogger, which I will post at the bottom of this article, please please go visit her today. She is quite awesome. Anyway, on with this you have an up and coming teenage boy in your life, who has no idea what women his age want and even his father is at a blank and you are in desperate need of guidance?! There is help and the answer lies in this book.

When I began to read FYMO, I could only nod my head at the wonderful insight these writers had. From everything to what a girl sees in a guy to the dreaded whether a girl wants to 'do it' is in this book and handled beautifully. Now, for even you older men, it can be an eye opener as well. My husband read it, mostly because I asked him, and even he couldn't believe some of the things he read. Even casting an eye to me and saying 'Is that Really how you all think?" and then"Wish this was out when I was younger."

I have a young boy who is all of two, but believe me, this will be waiting for him when he gets older. It will be a mandatory read before he begins dating and a reference when there are things he needs help understanding. If you are a young man and are in the dating scene or a mom with a son heading there, you NEED to read this book. And for all you others out there, the series has For Women Only, For Young women Only, and For Men Only. I am buying all of them to add to my shelf.

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