Friday, November 7, 2008 they reptiles with wings or intelligent creatures of myth and legend, good books about them are gems that should be treasured. Eragon is one of those masterfully written wonders.
Open up to a fight over an egg, dark blue and gorgeous sent by magic to be found by a peasant boy looking to feed his family. Mix in the stories of an old man, of dragons that lit up the sky with their glorious fire and keep evil at bay. Add the most beloved Saphira, sapphire dragon who becomes bounded to a young Eragon and thrown into an adventure that only dreams can contain....
Paolini has given us a masterpiece when it comes to a classic novel, spinning a tale that even Tolkein and Lewis would be proud of. Do not base this book on what you have seen in the movie. It is not a book for younger kids. Violent and sometimes a bit disturbing, either read it first or make sure your child is okay with images like that. If you have read Harry, then this is about as dark and scary.

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