Thursday, November 6, 2008

Relic Review

Take one part Jurassic Park, then add a bit of the scientific fun of the Fly, and finally, throw in a killer cast of odd characters that will have you longing for just another slice of "edge of your step while holding on to the book for dear life" pie. Enter Relic, the novel who introduces us to a cast of characters that have carried us through several more novels and I hope will continue as the years go by. Many may recognize this title from a movie that came out a little after the book was written, but besides a few bits in the story line, that is all they have in common. Set in the beautiful New York Museum of History (the movie was set in Chicago), the novel begins with the opening of the Gala event where Margo Green, a graduate student and her professor, Dr. Frock are preparing samples and idols for the museum's superstitions gallery. All is suddenly put on hold when a dead body is found mutilated with no head and the police come in to figure out who done it. Among these officers is Lt. D'Agosta, a seasoned cop with a love for finding his man. The one character the movie left out that is sooo important to the books is FBI agent, Pendergast. He is as secretive and mysterious as the nature of the murders that begin happening around the museum. And yes, there is a creature. For those who love horror and just a really good keep you up all night novel, this one is for you. Watch out though, because it will get you hooked into a world that these two creative geniuses have spun. So open the door to the Museum...good luck getting back...

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