Sunday, November 2, 2008

The New KITT

Okay, I have been watching the New Knight Rider, since I was a BIG fan when the original was out. I loved the chemistry between Michael Knight and KITT and of course, I was only about five at the time, I just loved the whole talking car thing. What little kid wouldn't, so when the new one came out, I was ready for it.

First big difference is KITT is a mustang, which is not a real big deal. The Trans Am is not really made any more and he has to be a state of the art vehicle so allowances are made. Second, Val Kilmer is doing the voice. Now, I like Val, but to me, his voice lacks the emotion that William Daniels had, or to those who loved Boy Meets World, Mr. Finney. It was a killer blow for me picturing this tough car with the voice of a middle aged pincipal either. LOL!!

I will say on the plus side, the new Michael Knight played by JustinBruening is hot. Of course, back in the day, David Hasselhoff was the lady killer. Now, you watch and he's kind of a big permed baboon. I will say that he and Daniels though had the chemistry that Justin and Val lack.

I do like the new series. It has some very strong points and still has the appeal the old one did, I just miss the KITT of yore. He had that wit and charm the mustang lacks and the personality that brought us back for more. For anyone interested, Knight Rider is on NBC on Weds at 8pm est/7pm cst. The original can be purchased on DVD in seasons or dowloaded instantly on Netflix.
Knight Rider website on episodes now!!!

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