Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Everyone is familiar with NCIS and its crime solving crew that consists of Gibbs, Abby, and name a few. It's a show that brought the criminal solving to the military level, liken to JAG, but with a bit more of the gore we are use to seeing with the CSI's. The chemistry between characters is something that is just a wonder to behold and makes the show incredible to watch. This season I am sure will be no exception.

After the season premiere though last night, NCIS fans were introduced to a new series with a new crew and a new location, NCIS Los Angeles. Starring screen veterans Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, the pilot opened with a scene of G. Callen (O'Donnell) staring out into the ocean thinking on a flashback of him being shot next to his partner, Sam Hanna (Cool J). You find out later that he is coming back from a long leave, in which he needed to heal.

Their new headquarters reminded me of Angel's hotel from Whedon's hit series by the same name and I was surprised as well as pleased to see veteran actress Linda Hunt playing the support manager. An especially cute moment was when she asked G what the letter stood for. In which, Callen replies that 'they' being his foster home never told him.

As far as the series goes, I have only seen one episode and as anyone who is a regular reader knows, I don't pass too much judgement until I've seen a couple. My biggest thing with the new NCIS is it lacks the chemistry of the first. I was hooked by episode one and fell in love with the characters almost immediately. Still, though, as a watcher of all the CSI's, NY was the hardest for me to get into, but after awhile, I did finally grow to really like it.

Truthfully, Los Angeles will remain on my DVR and I will try again, seeing as they develop the characters as well as the story line that envelopes them. For you that didn't catch the pilot....go to;Fall09Google and watch it now.

NCIS Los Angeles airs on CBS on Tues @ 9e/8c.

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