Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So....Netflix delivered a good movie on my doorstep this morning and with no pre-thoughts (those ones you have even before you open the seal on the envelope) my hubby and I put it in the Playstation and prepared to watch a movie that seemed to stem around numbers and natural disasters. What transpired though had me at the edge of my seat.

Nicolaus Cage stares as a widower raising his young son, whose school celebrates its fiftieth anniversary by digging up a time capsule that was buried on the eve of its opening. Inside they find pictures the children in the past drew, plus a very odd letter filled with numbers. As Cage's character studies these scrawls further, he discovers that each set of them tells of a certain disaster that is about to take place including date as well as number who die. Within minutes, he as well as the watcher begins an adventure to find out exactly what the numbers are running down to.

With over the top, but well done special effects, this movie is a wild and weird ride that begs the question of what is going to happen next. Storyline moves at a steady pace, but beside, Cage and his son, the minor characters are numerous and are almost fly by night, never giving the audience a chance to really care about them. Great twists keep the film entertaining and though not one to own, it is definitely a movie to rent, though definitely not for the young ones. Recommended for those thirteen and older, in my opinion and even then, I urge parents to watch it first. Otherwise, a definite worth seein' film... 3 1/2 out of 5...

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