Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Returning Series

Well, thankfully, this last year was better to me than the previous as two of my favorite shows were cancelled and a few other went to pot. Back in the fall and winter of 2008-09, though my TV watching was restored by great shows like Lie To Me, Castle, and Dollhouse....all three returning for another season and hopefully just as impressive as last year's.

"Lie To Me" on Fox was just awesome...putting together a great scientific field with a very awesome cast of individuals. The art of lying has always interested me and this series does everything plus leaves you breathless and waiting for more.

"Castle" on ABC...well, besides having Nathan Fillion as the main role (Can you say HOT?), this series is just an over the top crime fun for all that keeps getting better. Though filled with murders that are pretty easy to solve (coming from a woman who use to eat mysteries for breakfast), the chemistry between Rick Castle and his daughter makes it a great addition to the line up. So glad it's coming back.

"Dollhouse" on Fox...Creator Joss Whedon says it all..intense, great dialogue, and quite a rip roaring plot, this series I think was saved solely because Fox was afraid they would have another Firefly. It has good elements though and I really believe left to mature, might become quite the series, almost as good as Firefly itself. (Please, fellow Browncoats, no shooting me).

Also along for the ride is "Sanctuary", which I reviewed a few entries before. A show about a place for abnormals to go and be free, safe from the destructiveness of humans.

Now, if there is a series here that you love and I have not mentioned, then please let me know. I love the CSIs as well as The Closer. These are just ones that got a second chance to make a good first impression and here's hoping they can and do.

For more info on these or others, check out their websites.

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