Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spider? Check. Assassin? Check.

Fascination with spiders? Assassins? Or do you just need a good romp to get your heart pumping? All the above are here in this great book from Jennifer Estep. Gin, named after the liquor, is the Spider, an assassin known for her patience and cold hearted nature. She is beautiful, clever, and deadly.

When hired to do a seamlessly easy job that will give her enough money to retire, she and her handler jumped at it. Still, Gin's gut churns with uneasiness and in a matter of minutes, her entire world is turned upside down with betrayal, loss, and a strange alliance even she doesn't see coming.

Without giving away the entire plot, I believe this is a great book for anyone who loves good action, a wonderful plot, and of course, a strong female character. Her character voices are their own and not carbon copies of one another. Even those you meet for a short time, keep your attention and you are sad to see them pass on. The plot lends enough to your imagination without giving too much away keeping your interest, clues dropped indiscreetly as you weave around her web with ease.

For the romantic, there is a little for you, though in the first book, she concentrates on delivering a well rounded introduction to the people you will deal with further in the series. Gore is kept to a minimum, but there are some more graphic intimate scenes not for the younger or more sensitive crowds. As a whole, I give this book five stars. Best enjoyed with a cup of red wine or a hot cup of coffee...

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