Saturday, February 25, 2012

Southern Mystery Done Right

Who says life ends when you're sixty? Not the case for Mary Alice and her often reluctant sister, Patricia Anne in this cozy mystery by Anne George...

Retired school teacher Patricia Anne is happy being a housewife... making applesauce, cookies, and taking care of her husband, Fred. This all changes when her often eccentric sister, Mary Alice buys a western night club called the Boot'n Skoot and promptly tells Patricia she wants her help. Travelling to the boot themed night club, the sisters meet the owner, a nice middle aged man named Ed, who can make his hula girl tattoo dance. Patricia isn't exactly ready to start line dancing into the act, but her sister basically volunteers her to help with the set up. It isn't until they find Ed murdered that things get really really weird and Patricia Alice starts playing private eye.

Truly, this is a great book. Miss George makes you fall in love with her characters from the get go and anyone who has ever spent time in the South will laugh out loud at how well she captures the Down South lifestyle. As mysteries go, it kept me guessing right up to the end and spun each web at the right time, not giving too much away. Easily read, there is very little graphic nature in this book or vulgar language so most anyone can read it. As for the age of the characters being a factor, I am in my thirties and I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover.

So... sit down with a cup of hot tea and join the Southern sisters in their first mystery... I promise you will come back for more.

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