Monday, March 5, 2012

One More Trip Down the Rabbit Hole...

Mad as a hatter? Wondering about Ravens and Writing Desks? Or just know a cat named Cheshire? Answer yes to these questions and you are definitely ready to read Hatter by Daniel Coleman.

Enter our heroes. Chism... a '13', useless, weak, a throwaway... yet, he walks into battle ready to save a duke, a peasant, and maybe his own skin just to show the world that honor isn't just for the rich man. Hatta... funny, odd, and maybe slightly mad... he is just the kind of person you want at your side if you are going off on an adventure as long as it doesn't mean anything dangerous and colors are a plus. Together, they are destine to save their kingdoms or die trying.

I love Wonderland. Since the first time I watched Alice on TV to the day i was old enough to read the book, I have been smitten with the characters as well as the world. To say, I'm very weary of books that are written about Wonderland is an understatement, and when I say that this is a top notch book, I'm not kidding.

Hatter is wonderfully written and creative without taking away the magic that is Wonderland. Using these beloved characters to weave a story about brotherhood, friendship, and love, Coleman has given us more reasons to cherish this world than ever before. Plot twists that weave into an almost poetry like end, he gives more essence to characters like Hatter, Cheshire Cat, and even the Queen of Hearts. He also brings in new ones to love and shows us that even though the creator may have passed away, his world can be given life by new writers.

Hatter is one of those rare gems that needs exploring again and again... trust me when I say, take a dive down that rabbit hole for this maddening little tale of fun... after all, we are all mad here, are we not?!

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