Friday, March 9, 2012

Monster May I

It begins with a poem, just that and nothing more, but someone decided the story needed to be told. The beast has haunted lives since Lewis Carroll dreamed him up so long ago, in a simple verse that left more questions than answers. One line... Beware the Jabberwocky...

Jabberwocky by David Coleman is quite the little fairy tale, of love and betrayal, of pride and humility, but most of all, of honor and friendship. Having read Hatter before, I was familiar with his version of Wonderland, but new comers will have no trouble finding their way into this delightful like tome.

It begins with a monster, one whose mere shadow darkens the hearts of the people of Wonderland, yet, it starts with small village and a boy with a dream. Along the way to achieve it, he must show himself honorable among men and courageous in the fierce battle to claim back the one he loves.

As with Hatter, I was impressed with the way Coleman writes Wonderland as well as its famous inhabitants. Bringing forth such a wonderful spin on just a few lined poem, the reader is shown what makes a monster truly a monster. Above all, this is a story that makes us remember there are still good storytellers out there.

Besides a little gore, this book is perfect for the YA crowd as well as adults. It's full of action as well as mystery, plus some good old fashion humor and wit. The characters will steal your heart and leave you ready for another trip down the rabbit hole. Just remember... beware the Jabberwocky.

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