Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wanna Win This Lottery

Dreading your next family reunion? Wondering if your next lottery ticket just might be the big one? In need of a really good scare? Let me introduce you to The Killing Room... part mystery/part horror and all around ghost story.

The Young family has a secret. Every ten years they have a family reunion and every ten years a lottery. One member is drawn to spend the night in a room, a dark one in the old servant quarters... Doesn't sound too bad... except this room, well, it kills. And in ways no one could imagine....

This book is definitely a good old fashion ghost story. It scares, it terrifies, and it makes all the tingles people want when reading a horror tale. Reminding me of something told around a campfire, The Killing Room is well written, though predictable at times. Its host of characters are easy to relate to, and make you like or hate them with just a few lines. The mystery behind the room holds the reader well, but for me, the clues were too often and had me solving it far before the end.

As a whole, this book is definitely not for the tender readers or children. I would be even careful with the young adult group. Strong language, scary moments, gore, and some sexual scenes were present, but it wasn't extremely graphic in nature, but blood as well as some violent deaths could keep those with weak stomachs from daring this story.

In truth, I liked The Killing Room. It was a great read for an afternoon and definitely worth the time of any ghost story enthusiast. Give it a try and toss your name in the lottery. Just don't ABANDON HOPE.

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