Thursday, July 17, 2014

WOW.... It's Been Awhile

Well, Gators, I am back.... and the crowd goes wild!!!! 

Yes, yes, I am a little too high on myself at the moment or in retrospect it could be the early hour, the coffee in my cup, or the fact its the middle of July and the temp is only 62 degrees... Fahrenheit for all you C people(you know who you be). Still, not too much has happened, well, that's a lie, but nothing that was life threatening. Wonderland is still hanging in there, though the Hatter is still missing in action. I think he had one too many drinks of that tea. 

In seriousness, I've begun another blog where my slightly less insane mind (we all know that I don't have a sane one) will dwell. I'll answer questions, talk about my thoughts on normal things (don't look so shocked), and do what I do best... ramble. This one will still remain open, though I had thought about getting rid of it... yes, I know... stop gasping. It will be my outlet as it always had been for my reviews, my rants, and the occasional... mind you... occasional trip down the rabbit hole. 

So, here is the link to the new page... you all can give it some love and I will be back... I promise because let's face it... I got to feed the Beast or she gets irritated and goes hunting, which is never a good thing.

Later, Gators.... Open Mouth, Insert....

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