Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wicked Review

I am a Wizard of Oz fan and this book is definitely NOT your movie with the cute little munchkins running around singin about the lollipop guild. So be warned...

This is the story about the Wicked Witch of the West and how she became so 'misunderstood'. A big warning here..this book is very political in nature and if you are again the one who watched the movie because you thought Toto was cute and Oz was such a fairy tale land, DO NOT read this book.

Now on with the review.. Like I said before I am a really big fan of Oz and all that Frank Baum put into it, but what Maguire does is make you actually 'feel' for the Wicked Witch, whose name is actually Elphaba. She is born green skinned and completely misunderstood. While I read this, I couldn't help, but picture Wednesday Adams.

You continue on in her life of how her family never quite understand her and how her little sister is her mother's favorite. We meet a few of the more familar characters in the novel as well from Dorothy, who is the love interest of Elphie's son and of course, the cute littl Munchins, who are not really all the cute in the story.

I won't go into any further detail except to say, if you truly are a die hard Oz fan, you should really read this book and its sequel. I also know that the story of the Lion comes out soon. So, in closing, the Wizard might be wonderful, but this book truly is an Oz masterpiece.

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