Monday, March 23, 2009

Close Encounters Review

Are you a fan of Anne McCaffrey with her ships that speak, and races that seem to mean more than meets the eye? How about a heroine that is genetically engineered to protect that which she is swore to protect and that was satisfied with traveling the cosmos with her ship until fate lad her to the burly arms of a tribal man? Well, look no further than the debut novel of Katherine Allred, Close Encounters.

Meet Kiera Smith, a GEP(Genetically Engineered Person) with her cocky ship, Max and the rock cat that is just a little more intelligent than what's go for him, Crigo. Their job is to search for new life forms, map new planets, and basically trek through the galaxy. Though Kiera is okay with her life, the longing to be normal eats at her, even though she is very special indeed.
When a call comes in from her maker, Daniels, Kiera jumps at the chance to save a race and see why a major corporation has taken such an interest in a planet. What she finds is a primitive race that is gentle and may just be what she has been looking for, even though she might just have to fight to save it.

As I started this novel, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I am not a big sci fi fan, though I did enjoy Anne McCaffrey and others like her. This book, though, truly surprised me. Reading like an urban fantasy with lush environments and memorable characters that draw you in, Allred immerses her readers into a place where those wanting good plot get it and those wanting a romance with action are equally satisfied.

With scenes that are violent and others that will take your sexual breath away, this is definitely for the older reader, but is definitely worth a read or two. Even if you are not into sci fi and like the feel of urban fantasy, this book might appeal to you. So, take a ride on a ship called Max and enjoy the creative mind of Katherine Allred in Close Encounters.....

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