Friday, March 20, 2009

Jesus Fish Review (Movie)

So I was asked by a friend to write a review for an independent film about the reality of Christians. He told me that it would be a film that would definitely be a new concept and not something that i had ever seen before. My response was of course, i would watch it and give him my opinion, but that i was more into review books and not one for independent film. Not that it's not a great hobby or even career starter, I just didn't need another hobby. Anyway, here is my review of a very controversial film called Jesus Fish....

Filmed in and around the Tulsa area, Jesus Fish begins like most Christian films, a young girl trying to win a soul to Jesus before they pass on. For five whole minutes, you begin to wonder what exactly is so special about this film. With in a second or two, everything changes as a tench coat Jesus look-a-like bursts through the door packing a loaded shotgun and screaming at the top of his lungs. Suddenly, your eyes widen and you begin the journey through the lives of several different people that all belong to one very different Bible study.

You will meet people from every walk of life and will experience things like a drug dealer's house, a church play, and a grave scene for a girl that may or may not be dead. The characters will have you screaming to hit them and cheering as a few get just what they deserve. At the end, you will look on a story that might just change you look on the Christian life forever.

As an independent film with a rather low budget, Jesus Fish was well put together with a decent script that at times seemed a bit unbelievable, but no more so than most good films. The characters were well developed and well portrayed, though more heavy on the strength of the females than the males. They did invoke emotions within the audience keeping one entertained until the end.

Jesus Fish is a rather odd little film that is rated R because of violence and an 'implied' rape scene. It is definitely not for the young ones and could be offensive for some more sensitive viewers. Though not something you might watch over and over, Jesus Fish is definitely worth watching at least once. It will definitely be a ride you won't soon forget.
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