Monday, March 23, 2009

Got Me Some Castle

So...two episodes have come and go with another slated for tomorrow night and all I have to say is...are you watching?!

Richard Castle is the new break way author, whose thrilling novels are talking the world by storm. The only problem is he's tired of writing them, and is ready for a change. He gets it when a copy cat starts turning his novels into reality.

Brought on to the case by his own sheer curiosity and the fact the detective is an attractive young woman, Castle charges in, finding being shot at and in the thick of things is rather thrilling. Suddenly, the once bored writer has found his new character using the fast talking Beckett as a model, much to her utter annoyance. Before long, things might get more heated than either would like them to be....

Castle is such a great series, filled with humor, wit, and that whodunit intrigue that you can only get with these type of shows. Coined 'Murder She Wrote' with a rather sexier Angela, Castle is played by the stellar and rather heartbreaking Nathan Fillion, who starred in the cult show Firefly. One of the things that makes him so perfect for this role is the fact that Fillion has such a terrific way of waering his emotions on his sleeve. His face is so readable and you actually think of him as Richard Castle, not an actor playing him.

I love the chemistry between the characters, from hot talking Beckett to the relationship between Castle and his level headed daughter or his rather eccentric mother. Each is well written and excuted. I will say that is definitely a series I hope goes far into a few more seasons.

So, if you haven't flipped over to Castle on Mondays on ABC, then maybe this would be a good time to. I think you'll find that solving the murder is as much fun as getting to the conclusion in the frist place....

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