Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just a Babble

Figured I best post something since well, I was one...bored, that happens in my life from time to time especially when I'm tired and coughing and my kids are busy watching something while my hubby is out workin' his muscles....and two, I feel like typing about nothing in particular, a feat that if you ask my co author from Canada, he'll tell you that is one thing I am excel at...that and annoying him with strange questions that come from maybe just a wee bit too much sugar and not a whole helluva a lot of sleep. The latter though I assure you is so not my fault.

I had every intention to go to be early, but my blasted cough kept me up until I finally downed enough drugs to sedate a Brahma bull. Midnight and my body decided to go to sleep. For all of three minutes....before I heard....'Momma, it's Carol...your's your daughter.' My stupid neighbor's across the street...their drunk daughter came home screaming at the top of her lungs, crying like she was going to die if her mother didn't open the door. Is it wrong of me to have wanted to slam her headfirst into the brick of her mother's house. Finally, after about fifteen minutes of this, the mother opened the door (God, did I feel sorry for her) and let the whining brat inside. And this girl is older than me...I bet at least in her forties. She has been carted to the hospital for drug overdose like five times since she's been living with her mom. That was in July, people.

Anyway, after that, the lull of my hubby's breathing and the wind blowing through what's left of the leaves on my tree, my body decided it was now ready to sleep. Well, at least for another few hours, until that blasted cough woke me up. Here's hoping my co author don't want to kill me tonight. We write until two, but I do have a whole two liter of Pepsi. More sugar and caffeine should drive my mind crazy.....and my partner even more so.....Laters, Gators....

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