Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nothing is true....

"...Everything is permitted."

For any of you familiar with that phrase, you probably know what this post is about. A wonderful series of video games known as Assassin's Creed, where the future meets the past in an array of blood and glory all at the point of a handsome hooded man and his hidden blade. This is what my diet has been for the last few days and it has become quite apparent in my dreams.

Picture if you will a mysterious man in a white robe who can kill someone before they even realize he is there. He's a champion of the people even though he doesn't chose to be and can leap from high towers to land in a stack of hay all around the cry of a bird of prey. His voice is sultry and rough and his demeanor worthy of dangerous, but all hidden deep in unbridled sex appeal.

Someone asked if my dreams had been good and I have to say yes, mixing the fighting assassin's that already plague my mind, her long red hair falling around her shoulder as Altair pulls him to her in a hidden and forbidden embrace. Or as they dance, lights of fires catching blades as the two do battle neither able to kill each other, but betraying their own people to remain together.
And as the game winds down and I realize that this passage soon will be at an end, I have hope that the next will continue to spur these dreams and images as I allow my fingers to write them down and play in a word where hooded men run on rooftops and take leaps of faith into my heart....

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