Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There is a reason...

As a writer, I have learned that not just everyone should look at your search history. With things like major arteries, collapsible sniper rifles, and kinds of explosives, one could really wonder what exactly might be going on. Of course, this is in light of the three prior items, which trust me isn't much better.

In reality, one might think I was going to war or then there are the other like blood letting, assassination methods, and the ever popular Jack the Ripper legend, where the ideas of me being a psychotic killer could come to mind. What's funny is that my husband takes it all with a grain of salt knowing that it's not the ranting of an insane woman out to seek revenge on a cruel world or a blood crazed freak in need of another gory fix. It is just me doing what I do best. Search out the web to better my stories and hope to God no one thinks I am anything or everything I have said above.

I am a writer....I matter what that little devil on my shoulder says to you....don't believe anything he tells you...I know I don't. (wink)

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Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

If someone looked at my search history I'd totally be in trouble! At least we know we're doing our research!

What's also funny is how people find you! I came up in a google search when someone was looking for "creepy dead rotting folk"! Seriously!

xoxo -- Hilary